Things I absolutely can NOT travel without!

Hey fellow travelers!

What are some things that are essential to your travel experiences? Comment below and let me know what you guys think!


1. Packing cubes and packing folders(seriously you guys these little cubes will become your best friend)

These are an absolute must when traveling. If you haven’t tried them before, I highly recommend giving it a go. You will not be able to live without these once you try them! I know it seems ridiculous to put bags within bags, but these come in handy when you are like me and you love to travel but don’t want to sacrifice your style along the way :)

Recommendation: I buy mine off of Amazon. The more expensive brand is Eagle Creek but I am just as happy with  my  Hynes Eagle packing cubes. They make it so easy to stay organized and fit as much as possible into your suitcase. The link below is for a set of three and they are relatively cheap at only $16.99 for all three. I also love the Embassy 19 packing folder because it keeps your clothes from wrinkling and packs them really tight. I am able to fit all three cubes and the packing folder in my 21 inch carry-on perfectly!