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A while back I read an article, which explained that purchasing flights on Tuesdays was the best deal you could get. This is because airlines usually announce sales and promotions on Monday night, so by Tuesday other airlines are scrambling to match those prices. Supply and demand is very prevalent in the airline market, so if you can learn how to use it to your advantage you could score some great deals. My recommendation though is to check EVERY DAY, because flights change by the hour if not by the minute in some cases. My favorite website is It is a search engine that looks at virtually every airline and compares prices. So now that I have told you when and where I usually book my flights, let us get down to the fun part. You may feel like you are cheating the system or that what you are doing is illegal, but I assure you it is not! It is survival of the fittest, or in this case survival of economically inclined travel-savvy people. Here is one of the best tricks of the trade. I like to call it “not getting ripped off by greedy airlines” 101. As I am sure you all know, every country has different prices and costs of living. Well the same goes for what airlines charge those countries. In America, we get the worst end of the deal. Airlines charge us the most out of any country I have seen. How can you change this? You download a VPN server app on your computer; my favorite one is (you can download a free trial). What this does is it changes the IP address of your computer to almost any country in the world, so when you go to book your flight the website thinks you are searching from the country you chose. Here is a perfect example of how well this works. I booked a flight in August to London. I had been checking every few days for the last four months and every time it was around $590 give or take a few dollars. I downloaded SaferVPN and chose a Singapore IP address. I went to, chose the same search I had been searching for months, and voilà I found the same exact flight for $470! Crazy, right? Now it is important to note that this really only works well for long flights. As far as domestic flights go, I have not seen too much of a difference.

There you have it folks!

I will continue to update this blog and fill all of you in on any tips that I feel are worth your while.


XO globetrotblonde


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